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 Kam has been my dentist now for many years. She was the Dentist allocated to me, when my previous Dentist left the practice.

She has seen me for simple things like check-ups and also more complicated procedures like Crown and Bridge appointments.


She always welcomes me with a smile and makes me feel comfortable in her Surgery. The thing that stands out for me though is that she will always go through options and give me explanations for ant required procedures and this has helped me to understand how to look after my teeth better.


Going to the dentist can be quite daunting but you don't even notice any of that if being seen by Kam. 



 I am the most nervous patient ever, well I was. I first visited this Dentist about six years ago and told them how nervous I was. Dr Panesar was amazing and put me instantly at ease. Since then, I have had many procedures, treatments and even booked my whole family in with her. There are my four children, wife and myself.

I have never looked back and would not describe myself now as a nervous patient. I can’t recommend Dr Panesar enough. 



 I have known Kam as my Dentist now for a period extending 10 years. She is unbelievably professional whilst also somehow managing to ensure that any dental treatment undertaken is a pleasant experience which is a skill in itself. To this extent my father has switched dentists upon my recommendation and my daughter (who is now 8) is also a patient. The experience and professionalism is of course testimony to Kam’s personality and knowledge of dentistry and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of registering with her practice. 



 Dr Kamalpreet Panesar has been my dentist for over a decade and I am happier with my teeth than I have been for many years, (probably ever.) I now smile all the time, when appropriate, of course!


Kam is friendly, professional and a very good listener. I have many old fillings and crowns and Kam advises about repairs and restoration, but avoids any unnecessary treatment.

Kam is a perfectionist, but realistic. I am very grateful to Kam and her nurse, Natalie. I recommend Kam without reservations. 



 Dr. K. Panesar is an amazing dentist, she has always been very professional in her approach. I have been a patient of hers for many years and she endeavours to do the best for me. I find her way of dealing with my personal dental issues very calming and reassuring.


My children love visiting the dentist because of the experience Dr Panesar provides.

On a personal note when my wife was in labor, I had a wisdom toothache, and Dr Panesar managed to fit me in and take the tooth out in time for me to take my wife to the hospital and … 


Thanks for making the daunting visit to the dentist a good experience.



 Where do I start about Dr Kam Panesar? I have been a patient of hers for over 10 years. I hated going to the dentist hence why my teeth were in a bad state and gum disease was shocking. She treated me and told me about how important healthy gums are. Best sincere advice ever.


It also recommended me to have braces at the age of 45! OMG totally worth the work.

Thank you, Dr. Panesar, and keep up the good work of giving best smiles around!!